a citrus explosion up in here, plus a recipe for meyer lemon bars

We’ve had a wonderful citrus explosion happening up in here. We bought a flat of oranges that were not going anywhere too fast and I feared having to dump moldy oranges in the compost (oh the waste!) so I bought an old school juicer, the kind that requires muscle and hand strength and I turned our flat of dying oranges and clementines into good fresh pulpy juice!

And before that onslaught of orange-y citrus, a friend of ours gave us a bunch of wonderful meyer lemons from the garden of a friend. So I made some meyer lemon bars that are not “egg-y” tasting, ohhhhhhhh so good! (This image is of the very last one, I had to take a picture to immortalize the last few bites).

The recipe:

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Pretzel buns make my millenium

Food epiphanies. We’ve all had them. I’ll never forget when Ctron snuck a fried cheese appetizer at a wedding we shot in Italy and while I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off Cdawg was frozen solid, fully engaged in the fried cheese moment he was having with himself. Well, one of my many “food epiphany” moments was with some friends at Suppenkuche’s biergarten. Granted, it was a beautiful sunny weekend in January, and granted we were drinking liters of foamy/bubbly beverages…


But their butter charcuterie pretzel knot. Oh my. It had pickles. It had butter. It had meats. It was salty. It was pretzely. It was amazing. I could have eaten 100 and then had a coronary from all the salt/fat. But I would do it (maybe).

And of course I recently had a craving for one of these knots of pure delight. It was midweek and in the evening and rain was on the horizon so we didn’t go to the wonderful biergarten…we tried to recreate this pure salty pleasure. And while it wasn’t 100% there is sure was good and sure was close.

To make:

  • If you are crafty, make your own pretzels of pretzel buns. We were not crafty and used the pretzel buns from Trader Joe’s
  • Lightly pan fry said pretzel bun in some butter.
  • Layer on some favorite charcuterie meats and pickle slices.
  • Maybe add a bit more butter if you are feeling sinful.

Notice my peas. Yes, I lived in the mid west and I like peas. Oh, and that isn’t Fanta. It is tropical carrot juice with a splash of bubbly water but nonetheless the image of Fanta makes me want to dance.

I know you’se people are shy but I REALLY want to hear what food epiphanies you have had in your life. I like food and I like epiphanies and I like stories. Tell me!


i have an idea for the world…

I have an idea for the world…

Over the weekend I went with my men to The Fremont Diner in Sonoma for some good soul food.

While there I saw two guys who kept looking over at our table. I’m not sure what the draw to us may have been, probably C-tron’s good looks or maybe they hate dogs at restaurants, but then I thought, “Maybe they are talking about buying our lunch!” (and then I laughed in my head because that was a silly thought…no one does that). But it got me thinking…given the poor economy and knowing how so many people are struggling…what if we started a movement to anonymously cover the tab (or even a portion of the tab) for a random unsuspecting stranger/s? I know a lot of us don’t have a lot of extra spending cash but I know how good it feels to do something for others and how good it feels to be the recipient of a random act of kindness. Imagine your reaction if you were the giver or receiver. Might give people a little ray of light in such a bummer of a time. Oh, and this would have to be done anonymously so as not to insight any feelings of guilt or push back from the receiver. Alright, that is just my thought for the day. Go do it.

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