holiday card 2015


“Pink” – Art direction by 3 year old
I must confess that these holiday cards can be a bit stressful. We never know what to do, we don’t know where to get the appropriate attire, we don’t want to spend hours and hours and hours because who has the time?!?! But yet we love (kind of) to do them. This year as we were on our way to Goodwill to get “inspired” (ha!) we asked the kid what we should do. Her response: “Pink.” So, there you have it. And I’d have to say this may be one of my favorite of all time.

holiday photo time…double woot

family portrait

Holiday photo time, folks. Since we are still slightly nomadic I will be in various parts of the west coast between now and the end of the year. Get some memories photographed and smash ’em into a holiday card. Book it, yo!

Available dates and locations:

  • San Francisco/Bay Area: September 20-27.
  • Denver/Boulder: October 30-4
  • Palm Springs: November 24-7
  • Seattle/Portland/Olympia (i.e. PNW): all the dates in between the above mentioned.

Photo shoot options: 

    Mini sessions: 20-ish minutes, outside, 5-10 final downloadable images. Little flexibility or variety but quick and easy.

    Full family sessions: 1.5-2 hours, in your home and/or outside at a spot that means something to you. 25-40 final images. Full family sessions are a bit more candid, flexible and offer a lot of variety. If your kid needs a break, a snack break or time to warm up to me we have the flexibility to give it to him/her. I’ll let you do your thing so things are as natural as we can make it…and we’ll also do some more formal shots. Natural light only and the final images would be a mix of color/black and white. The full sessions I like because they tell more of a story about your life at that time vs crafting a couple nice images in the mini session.

    What makes for a good photo? Dapper apparel, awesome lighting, letting your kids be kids, dancing like a monkey, rolling with it, whisky.

    If interested shoot me an email at ali [@]

creatures of the woods come out and play! a pop-up



I have to “quiet my wild mind.” I posed the thought on Facebook about doing a pop-up in the bay area at some point in June. The response was awesome and now my mind is going insane with ideas. So here is the plan:

The basics:

A 20-30 minute portrait session for up to two kids (max) aged 4-6months (i.e. siting up) to 8 years (ish). We’ll meet outside at a predetermined location and your kiddos can become whatever creature of the forest they want. Think wild things, caped queens and kings, flower fairies, etc. This will predominantly be a time for your kiddo to play and will be a kid focused shoot but parents may want/need to step in. I’ll have some costumes on hand for your offspring/s but I’d encourage any articles that may get your kid/s in the mood (i.e. crowns, capes, wings, tutus, flower crowns etc). If your kiddo/s don’t want to channel their inner woodland creature/s we can most certainly do normal stuff sans costume.

When and where:
June 27th from 3-7pm in San Francisco.
June 28th from 3-7pm in the East Bay.
Exact location TBD.
Sessions happen on the hour and time slots must be reserved in advance.

How much and what do I get?
20-30 minute session
Private online gallery with 10-15 photos
5 high resolution digital files for download

Tell me more:
Session fee due at the time of booking to reserve your time. The fee is non-refundable. From the online gallery you will choose your 5 favorites photos and send your selects to me.  I will electronically send you the high resolution digital files for you to download. The download will include a permission to print release for personal usage only (copyright still belongs to me). Turn around time for the digital files will be four weeks from the shoot date.

Snap, can’t make it on either day, will you be doing this on any other days?
Potentially, but most likely not. We’ll returning to the bay area in early September and October and **might** do additional shoots then. Email me if you are interested and we can chat.

Give it to me! How?
Email ali[at] and let me know:

1.) Your name and the name/s and age/s of your offspring. Two kids max per each session. If you have more than two kids you’ll need two sessions.

2.) Your top three picks for time slots in order of preference (i.e. 3pm, 6pam or 7pm). Reservations are made on a first come first served basis and will start on the hour.

a bay area sabbatical


Soooooo, it has been kind of a long time since I’ve posted on the old blog. Yes, I’m still taking pictures. in fact, I’m sitting on a pile of amazing images and can’t wait to update the site with fresh stuff. But, the big news is my family and I decided to go on what we call a “bay area sabbatical.” The timing just seemed right to pack up our loft and put our lives in storage for awhile. We LOVE the bay area and had been living in paradise for 15 some years, but with a kid and school on the horizon and a dream to own a home (that is not ridiculously expensive) we decided to test out a few areas to see if we “belong” anywhere else. We are on a hunt to find a simpler life, if possible. And, more than anything we hope to be closer to family. Since December of 2014 we’ve been nomadic aka somewhat homeless but mostly bonafide moochers (ha!). With the encouragement of a lot of people I started another blog that documents the changing terrain of our adventure: So, yeah. That is where I’ve been. 

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