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As a children’s lifestyle photographer I love capturing the spontaneous energy and genuine emotions that only come from kids. My husband is also photographer – specializing in weddings and commercial projects – and working together we have traveled to dozens of countries and even photographed President Obama. Hot damn!

Originally, I’m from Boulder, CO but lived a fantastic 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area (woot woot East Bay!). While there I met my husband, we adopted a rescue dog, and had the first of two kids. Eventually our growing family moved to the PNW where we now live amongst the trees, moss and gnomes. I like to call ourselves semi-nomadic because we frequently find ourselves spending great lengths of time in Palm Springs, Boulder and of course San Francisco.

Beyond photography, I’ve spent the past 10 years working as a site/content merchandiser in the modern home furnishing eCommerce world for Design Public. I’ve always gravitated towards clean, natural modern design with a pinch of quirky/rawness so this work has been a great extension of my personal style.

Fun facts: • I called myself “Assi” as a kid • I have an affinity for accordions and lederhosen • My family moved to Saudi Arabia when I was a baby • I can’t stand people touching their eyeballs • Old rusty wood paneled stations wagons are A+ in my book. • Growing up my tongue was too big for my mouth. Speech impediment much? Yes. • I can honk like a goose. • Cinnamon rolls. Ohhh I love you cinnamon rolls.

Testimonials from LinkedIn:

“Ali brings enormous focus and energy to her projects, ensuring not only quality work but also a privileged and trusting relationship with her clients. She strikes the perfect balance between detail-oriented and easy-going. Throughout my collaboration with her I felt confident in her ability to comprehend my needs and organize accordingly. Ali's warm personality and understated efficiency makes her a real pleasure to work with and, more importantly, a wonderful person to know. I highly recommend her to any prospective employer or client!” - Tiffany Batifort, Development Consultant/Grant Writer, 2009, a client of Ali’s
“Hands down, best person I've ever hired. If you have the opportunity, you should do it, too! Ali is a quiet storm of accomplishment: she gets everything done perfectly, quickly and with zero drama. Customers appreciate her responsiveness, personal attention, and detailed organization. Her employees love her warm, engaging style and genuine interest, as well as her transparent commitment to their successes. I can not sing Ali's praises loudly enough.” - Maggie Pickavance, UX Writer & Content Strategist, 2007, Maggie managed Ali directly


Based in Olympia, Washington. Frequent travel to Seattle, Portland, Boulder and San Francisco

ali@aszichild.com (720) 560-3458

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