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  • Ali

As a children’s lifestyle photographer I love capturing the spontaneous energy and genuine emotions that only come from kids. My husband is also photographer – specializing in weddings and commercial projects – and working together we have traveled to dozens of countries and even photographed President Obama. Hot damn!

Originally, I’m from Boulder, CO but lived a fantastic 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area (woot woot East Bay!). While there I met my husband, we adopted a rescue dog, and had the first of two kids. Eventually our growing family moved to the PNW where we now live amongst the trees, moss and gnomes. I like to call ourselves semi-nomadic because we frequently find ourselves spending great lengths of time in Palm Springs, Boulder and of course San Francisco.

Fun facts: • I called myself “Assi” as a kid • I have an affinity for accordions and lederhosen • My family moved to Saudi Arabia when I was a baby • I can’t stand people touching their eyeballs • Old rusty wood paneled stations wagons are A+ in my book. • Growing up my tongue was too big for my mouth. Speech impediment much? Yes. • I can honk like a goose. • Cinnamon rolls. Ohhh I love you cinnamon rolls.


Based in Olympia, Washington. Frequent travel to Seattle, Portland, Boulder and San Francisco

ali.aszichild@gmail.com (720) 560-3458

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