greetings from california

We were just a wee bit slow in getting our holiday card out this year. We did have it ready before 2013 came around, we really did, but since we were living the simple life in the 55+ community in Palm Springs we were seriously retired folk. Think late afternoon swimming,┬ásolitaire with actual playing cards and a bedtime of like 8:30pm…it was divine! Crazy how we went from being new parents to full on retirement all within a couple months. But, as 2013 hit we decided it was time to come back to reality and get our holiday cards out, not to mention get back to work and such. Anyhow, I would say this card truly captures our current state in life: our days have been vibrant, simple and quite honestly very very pleasant. Life with our little gal is awesome and I’d like 17 more kids if they are all like her.

holy shazbot…i have not posted this yet!

Not sure how I have not gotten around to this yet, but the 2010 holiday card!

And since we made a mess and took 600 some photos we decided “Why not make a time lapse out of it?” We hadn’t intended to do this but the video adds a little spice to the mix (ha!).

Recipe for disaster: Time-laps food fight from Cooper on Vimeo.

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