videos up the wazoo

Two point five things:

1.) Not too long ago (December 4th in case you get alzheimers and need this posting as reference) Amelia turned three. Cooper and I made three “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” videos to help celebrate. Here is one of the three:


2.) Amazing how a dog and a box can lead to hours of easy entertainment when you have company over. No need for delightful conversation anymore…leave the good times to the dog!


2.5) See if you can find an Assi here:

Cooper’s first turkey

Thanksgiving is over but my stomach is still thanking Cooper for all the good food. The C-dog’s family came down from Olympia to witness Cooper’s first turkey.

A visual play by play of this amazing event:

This is Cooper after stuffing the cold bird…


Cooper putting the cold bird in the oven…


Cooper saying “I did it! I am making a turkey! Look ma! Look at me!”


Ta da! Turkey is done. That was fast.


Ohhh…a golden brown turkey stuffed to the brim…


Cooper carves…


Ali sets the table…wait a minute! Let me say that again, Ali sets the table that they have had to live without for 6 years!


Good job Cooper…do it again next year and I’ll just do the dishes again. Ha.

I hope your turkey day was filled with family, food, and fun.

This is what I’ve been up to:

This is what I have been up to:

1.Went to Mexico for a wedding. Try taking pictures on a rocking boat while people are feeling seasick…fun stuff! But, the photos came out great nonetheless and Mexico is always awesome.

2. Ate lots of brownies during our “Brownie Bake Off” at work:


3. Have had lots of dog time. I am attached to this brown duder and tend to “accidentally” take lots of naps with him as we spoon. Serious spoonage. Thanks to Finney I get to walk to the bay more often and also thanks to Finney I got to see a dead sea lion washed ashore along with a headless dead dog or pig or weird gray/white creature with skin that was decomposing. Aye. I just got really hungry.

Sorry for all the dog photos but since I am contributing to the “Finneythedog” blog (yes, this dog has a blog!) I have to keep his parents updated with what their son (dog) has been up to, thus I take lots of dog photos. Here is a glimpse:







4. Trrrrrrying really hard to get our apartment in order but it is really difficult. So little time, so little motivation. I’ll be posting more photos of the place on Hatch but until then here is what we have to work with:






5. Now we are off to Mexico again. Last wedding for the year, oh my!

Trying to get my life together…

So, we moved. It was a successful move…I managed to throw my back out after packing up box #4 and we only got 4.5 hours of sleep the night before the movers were to arrive, but we are in and we are still semi-sane and we LOVE THE NEW SPACE! Currently I am sitting at my new Steelcase yellow butter cream colored desk while Cooper is working from his gray Steelcase desk next to me. I have a desk! And a dog! And a bigger kitchen! And stairs in our space! And I hear trains all the time (which actually isn’t bad at all…surprisingly!). I have completely moved on from our last space and havn’t had guilt pains moving from it (except for moving away from the great street).

Whoa, hold on…a dog just came and sat on my lap and said he needed some attention.

Ok, I’m back. Until I get some good photos to post of our place I’ll leave you with this:


Yes, that is correct. I heard about it through who I found through Twitter. I can’t wait to try it! My question though…how can it be a diet product?


Last weekend was one heck of a whirlwind. I am surprised I survived! Can’t beat quality time with family and friends and a ton of good food. When I say a ton a fun I mean a TON of food. My cheeks are larger, no doubt.

Some photo highlights (but they don’t cover half of the events!):


Had breakfast with my mom then went straight to lunch with the Rues and Vidergars then…

Went out to dinner where Amelia really wanted to be just like Assi…


We ate a big chocolate donut as my b-day cake. Thanks, Cyril! Soooo good…



After the b-day cake we went out with Ashley and John for more dessert. Aye carumba!  (Great to see you guys!)

The next day we had family over for b-fast and once they left we went off to the CIRCUS! Yes, I felt really bad for the elephants and tigers, but you have to overlook it when you have a 2.5 year old or 5 month old on your lap…


Then Cooper and I went to the Great American Beer Festival and saw/drank the fruits of Pat and Rachel’s labor…the beer is amazing! If you ever see Bruery beer on the shelves, buy all that you can…you won’t regret it…




The 27% beer was a life experience, no doubt…





The next morning as hard as it was we went to church to listen to Amelia sing a song with the rest of her class of 2 year olds. She was a star. Then we took photo after photo of Nora…


And of course, Amelia…


Then, you guessed it! PUMPKIN CARVING TIME!!


After all of these action packed days I don’t know what to do with myself. Oh, wait…that’s right…pack for your move on SUNDAY! I currently only have one boxed packed, that’s it. As I always say in times like these, “Screw me over and pass the peanuts.”

Thanks, folks, for all the b-day notes. I try to avoid making a deal out of b-days but you all made me feel very loved (Actually, maybe I should be thanking Facebook…just kidding…kind of).


Oye. It is the last weekend of Oktoberfest and all I have to show for it is this ridiculous photo that I made for work but never got to use.


Don’t you just love the juxtaposition of my dad in his lederhosen and Cooper (whose head was photoshopped on some accordion dude’s body) in a semi-modern/frilly/girlie room? I think it is Cooper’s noggin that really makes the image great.

Hmmm…perhaps a trip to a good German beergarden is in order (one with beers in boots, preferably).

Actually a couple of beers would be good. This past month has been a weird one for the Beckords…my dad is dealing with a cancer scare; my older bro is gearing up for a 6 month sail with his wife; my sister and her family are in a state of flux with kids who don’t sleep, a potential move and just general major life/job transitions; my little bro started his first ever 8-5 which is never easy to adjust to; and Cooper and I are moving. All the while my mom gets to worry about the each and every one of us.

I say, “Beers for everybody!”

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