an Ali/Cooper Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2009. Simple and easy. Cooper and I agreed that while our turkeyday was delectable, relaxing and nice…next year we vow to be with family. This year, rather than family we surrounded ourselves with dogs which sometimes can be just as much fun and easier to deal with.

We played…IMG_7863Cooper cooked (Ali tried but ended up only making a podunk fruit salad)…


Cooper carved…
Oslo watched from his perch…

We ate…

And the dogs got to do their part (i.e. lick bowls and let the food coma take over)…


bachelorette weekend

Been bit busy lately. No real excuse why I couldn’t blog, but I really have been busy lately (just look a the grays in my hair and you’ll see).

A highlight of the busy time: a classy bachelorette weekend. My experience with bachelorette parties is a bit limited. I’ve only planned one in my life…at the time I was 18, I “borrowed” some wine from my parent’s collection, had a friend show up at my parent’s home wearing nothing but his tux pants and a bow tie and he whisked away my sister and her two friends to an undisclosed location where a car waited for them and a massive scavenger hunt around Boulder began. I would have to say, I did an ok job for an 18 year old.

Now I am 29 and I am to plan my second bachelorette party (I’ve only been to one in my life as a guest). My knowledge was pretty limited as far as how these things are “supposed” to happen but all I knew was that I didn’t want to give in to a lot of the cheese that is out there. So, I created a massive spreadsheet with options throughout the CA/Tahoe areas of homes we could rent for 5-10 gals. I found one in Guerneville (yes, Guerneville!) that seemed to fit the bill (i.e. it looked nice online, had a hot tub and had a fire pit…the fire pit was a bonus feature). I invited 7 gals, planned a few little things and let the rest of the weekend unfold. Here is what happened:

I made homemade marshmallows and graham crackers to complement perfectly named bars of chocolate (aka s’mores):
Fernando was ready:
The gals all made it to the super secluded, super hard to find, super windy roads, super woodsy, super no cell phone connection “compound” (the house had a main house, a second house with a bedroom and living room, a cabin, a yoga cabin…aka a compound):
We sat around a lot and ate, and drank wine, and giggled:
We played with buckets on our heads:
We tried to go for a hike but couldn’t find a good path:
So we sat in a clearing in between oceans of vineyards and had lunch:
We walked through Healdsburg and then went back up to the compound where a private chef was waiting for us. Chef Chris made us a delectable meal:
Fernando joined us…
Then we got a little crazy:
Overall, I think we had a good time…

birthday 10.10.09 style

This past weekend marked the start to the last year of the first three decades of my life. Did that come out right? My sweet familia came to E’ville (Emeryville) to help celebrate. As with many events on my blog, the visual representation of the activities from the weekend will highlight my niece. Consider her my poster child. Here are the highlights:

* Cheeseboard for breakfast at a park on a beautiful fall day complete with a cement slide that scared me half to death but I loved every moment of it. Cement slides that could easily break open your skull are fun.


* A trip to the Jelly Belly Factory. I love factories. I would work in one if it made my dad proud (not sure it would).


* Breakfast at a hole in the wall, complete with loads of grease and butter that tastes good but probably isn’t really butter.

* Dog park/beach time. Little girls played in the sand (I hope it was clean sand) and made me a sand castle cake.

* The crew came over to a birthday party that a put on for myself. I don’t intend to sound conceited, I just wanted family over and wanted to eat mass quantities (including bacon cups). Cooper and I put on a fiesta complete with a pin the tail on the donkey game. We also had a pinata stuffed and ready to whack open but there was so much to eat and do that we didn’t get to it. One of the highlights..the box of booger/ear wax flavored jelly beans. If you eat a green jelly bean you don’t know if you will get a pear or booger flavored treat.




* An Ikea run with little girls who had never been exposed to the world of Ikea. They liked it. Come back again chicas and we’ll eat Swedish meatballs.

* A final dinner out with the girls (and Cooper). I love my girls (and Cooper).

The full flickr set.

meet oslo


Yes, this our new buddy, Oslo. You’ll see how swanky his massive ears look. When we first saw him I think each ear weighed 5 lbs…they were so full of hair and all matted. Thanks, shelter, for taking care of the dumbo ears. On the ride home from the shelter Cooper drove and Oslo inched his way towards the front so he could put his head on Cooper’s arm. Yeah, he knows how to win us over. He is a little stinky and we can’t bathe him for 10 days until his surgical endeavor heals, but we’ve given him a couple of sponge baths in the meantime. I smell. The first night he was great although my motherly instincts wouldn’t let me fully sleep…I was constantly wondering what he was doing and what sort of mess I might wake up to (even though he was right next to my bed all night). I think I only slept a total of two hours that night. He appears to be fairly housebroken already but we have to train ourselves to remember to go out every two hours and not three (i.e. our plants in our home have found a new watering friend). We need to teach him to enjoy his toys and chase after balls…so far the only thing he wants from us is lots of love. I think I can do that!


my life is now complete


Cooper and I just signed dog adoption papers from a shelter. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A DOG! We don’t have a name yet, but he is a cocker spaniel mix, male, 2 years and with massively bushy ears that need a trim. We are in love which is a huge understatement. We get him next Friday after a neutering session. My smile won’t go away which is terrible because it is causing wrinkles around my face.

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