the cat is out of the bag

This ain’t no spoof photo. We are growing a mini Cdawg/Ali…27 weeks to be exact!

Although we are not in the clear yet (not until baby comes out), we are thrilled. The entire baby growing process is so incredible…I have no idea what is going on or how do deal with it all but it is just happening! Due date is Nov 2nd but I’m hoping for an Oct 31 arrival. As I tell my nieces…if it comes on Halloween then maybe the baby will come out wearing a hairless rat costume. Ha! (the look on their faces when I said this was priceless). We don’t know if it is a boy or girl so it will be a surprise for one and all. Just keep your fingers crossed that all goes ok for us. All I can say is I LOVE being pregnant during the summer in the bay area…the produce tastes better than ever!

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  1. dad said:

    From someone who has observed you for over 30 years, I hope you understand you will be the best mother ever. Being a parent makes a couple a family, and nothing compares with the pleasure and responsibility of being a parent.
    I can’t wait for your baby to arrive!



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