holiday photo time…double woot


Holiday photo time, folks. Since we are still slightly nomadic I will be in various parts of the west coast between now and the end of the year. Get some memories photographed and smash ’em into a holiday card. Book it, yo!

Available dates and locations:

  • San Francisco/Bay Area: September 20-27.
  • Denver/Boulder: October 30-4
  • Palm Springs: November 24-7
  • Seattle/Portland/Olympia (i.e. PNW): all the dates in between the above mentioned.

Photo shoot options: 

  • Mini sessions: 20-ish minutes, outside, 5-10 final downloadable images. Little flexibility or variety but quick and easy.
  • Full family sessions: 1.5-2 hours, in your home and/or outside at a spot that means something to you. 25-40 final images. Full family sessions are a bit more candid, flexible and offer a lot of variety. If your kid needs a break, a snack break or time to warm up to me we have the flexibility to give it to him/her. I’ll let you do your thing so things are as natural as we can make it…and we’ll also do some more formal shots. Natural light only and the final images would be a mix of color/black and white. The full sessions I like because they tell more of a story about your life at that time vs crafting a couple nice images in the mini session.

What makes for a good photo? Dapper apparel, awesome lighting, letting your kids be kids, dancing like a monkey, rolling with it, whisky.

If interested shoot me an email at ali [@]