Wonderful news

We can breathe a sigh of relief…I am pleased to report that my mom’s biopsy results came back cancer free.  I feel like everyone these days has cancer.  Cancer of the shoulder, cancer of the toe, breast cancer, brain cancer… cancer, cancer, cancer.  Although my mom would have caught her breast cancer early, it would have been a big blow right after her best friend past away in September of the same disease.  Now my mom can sleep a little better at night and can devote more time to helping the family of my mom’s friend who passed away rather than battle cancer herself.


Cooper and I were talking last night about upcoming months…we have some busy times ahead of us!  Next weekend we have a wedding to shoot in San Fran.  A few weeks after that we are off to Hawaii for my brother’s wedding during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Then comes Christmas and to our perspective homes.  January will be the calm before the storm…A few weddings in February and in March Cooper will go to Vegas for a wedding vendor convention while I am in Morocco with my mom.  Shortly after that we have wedding after wedding after wedding (California, Mexico, and Colorado).   I think I am going to have to start bulking up for all these events or something.

Not to deviate too dramatically, but….

A strong suggestion: Halloween candy is now half off in most major supermarkets and drug stores.  If you see a package of Take 5….get ‘em!!  They are fantastic!

little chicken

Yeah, so, I didn’t do what I had planned.  I am a little chicken. People at work were too nice and showed so much love on my birthday that the moment was never quite right.  Plus, we had margaritas during lunch so I didn’t want the alcohol to speak for me. Maybe towards the end of the month I will be the jolly green giant and have the strength to do what I wanted to do.   Shucks.

I think i have made a decision…

I think I have made a decision.  With my birthday coming up I think I may give myself a big birthday gift, but I have to wait and see if it really happens (chances are pretty high that I won’t have the guts to do what I want to do).  After a terrible day at work and a great conversation with my mom, I think I have made a decision.  Perhaps 2007 will my year of decision making…where I will make a greater effort to be more decisive.  Life is too short to let things pass by and be passive.  I have to make myself become more active with what I want.  Speaking of decisions, my mom my and I are planning on actually going to Morocco.  Not just talking about it, but actually doing it.  Now I have decided to go eat a brownie.    

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