5:04 and all is well

It is 5:04 and all is well.


Although Emeryville has a few downsides (i.e. I’ve heard more gunfire here than anywhere else in the East Bay…mom, you didn’t just read that) there are certainly some pluses: 1.) A population of only 8,000. 2.) Lots of creative folk in a small stretch of land 3.) A Berkeley Bowl we can walk to 4.) Free furniture right outside our door. In my building people put their old goods out in our hall and Cooper and I snatch ’em faster than you can believe. Some good stuff too! We are totally those neighbors who peek outside our door every five minutes to see if there is something new (well, not really but kind of). The dresser above came from said hall and except for a different dresser Cooper and his bro/pa made the above dresser is one of my favorite pieces in our loft. Anthropologie-esque but free. We don’t really have anything in it yet but I’m sure that will change soon. Oh! And when we got it it was full of toys in one of the stuck drawers. Jackpot!

Author: Ali Carras

At a very young age I lost site of my mom in a local grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. I did, however, have the smarts to go to the customer service counter. The kind woman at the counter asked "What is your name little girl?" My reply: "Assi." The woman gave me a look like, "Are you playing with me you little devil?" but she proceeded to blast on the loudspeaker the "We have a lost Assi at the front of the store." Customers throughout the store gagged and giggled, but my mom knew exactly who the woman was referring to: the mullet haired little girl with a tongue too big for her mouth, wearing a leotard, skirt, tights, and jelly shoes (with florescent green laces in them...even though they didn't need the laces). A shy little character for whom every little detail in life was a huge thing. I am pleased to report that today I am able to fully pronounce Allison (aka Ali), but the Assi pseudonym has always stuck, evolving into Aszi. As for the shy little character for whom every little detail in life was a huge thing? Some things never change. I have closed my comments due to mass amounts of spam that no filter could ever control. Feel free to contact me abeckord [at] gmail.com!

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