very last minute pop up photo shoot for kiddos!

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Is life happening at warp speed and the holiday madness has prohibited you from taking any new/fresh photos of your offspring? Shazam! A last minute mini session at your service! 

The basics:
A 20-30 minute portrait session for up to two kids (max) aged 6months to 6 years (ish). We’ll have a preset backdrop and lighting set up and ready to go. This is not a family portrait session, so sorry.

Dec 15 from 9am-3pm. Sessions happen on the hour and time slots must be reserved in advance (but are already filling up fast so get on it!)

How much and what do I get?
20-30 minute session
Private online gallery with 10-20 photos
5 high resolution digital files for download
15% off print purchases

Our studio loft space in Emeryville.

Tell me more:
Session fee due at the time of booking to reserve your time. The fee is non-refundable. From the online gallery you will choose your 5 favorites photos and send your selects to me.  I will electronically send you the high resolution digital files for you to download.  You can then make prints or late holiday cards, ha!  The download will include a permission to print release for personal usage only (copyright still belongs to me). Turn around time for the digital files will be one week from the shoot date. As long as you get on it right away there will be plenty of time to get prints made to use as holiday gifts (side note: prints ordered through me **may not** make it in time, just a heads up).

Snap, can’t make it on the 15th, will you be doing this on any other days?
Nope, this is it for this year but if you are nice to me this go round future pop-ups may happen in 2014.

Give it to me! How?
Email and let me know:

1.) Your name and the name/s and age/s of your offspring. Two kids max per each session. If you have more than two kids you’ll need two sessions.

2.) Your top three picks for time slots in order of preference (i.e. 9am, 11am or 1pm). Reservations are made on a first come first served basis and will start on the hour.


start fresh

My wild mind got going last night and I thought of all these things I want to do and see and create. I think my brain was trying to tell me it is malnourished in the creativity department and I need to feed it BIG TIME! So, I’m gonna. And I’m gonna share. And even though I stay up too late and get up too early trying to do all that I have to do I’m going to carve just a little more me time to make these things happen. Push/encourage me! Say “Assi, it is time to get your saucy creative pants on and go wild!” And if you push me enough I will buy these. Or maybe these are more fitting?

{photo taken with VSCO app for my iphone}

moral of the story


I have to document that prior to having kids I’d see moms doing certain things and I’d think to myself “I wonder why she would do that? If I had a baby/kid I would do {insert something opposite from what the mom was doing}.” Well, now that roles have reversed I can understand exactly why all these different moms did what they did. Moral of the story: don’t judge moms if you don’t have kids. I did and I shouldn’t have.

center part

This has been one heck of a week. Nursing strike (strike from baby, not from someone who wears these) and our water heater went on the fritz so I had to take an ice cold shower to which baby heard me squeal and scream and was probably traumatized. And now the heat outside is taking over. Poor Oslo, it is hard to be a black dog on a hot day.

But, Cdawg made a killer beef brisket when I was feeling low on iron and baby is now scooting backwards. She is becoming an independent woman! Life is good.

roses, thorns and a few dandelions

My sister’s family has this great dinner tradition of going over everyone’s “roses and thorns” from the day…highlighting the good and the bad events (with a few dandelions every now and then). I love this idea. When you are having a rough day and feel like it is full of only thorns it is good/nice to reflect on the little bits of positivity. Since it has been 239859327532 months since I last posted on this here blog I thought I’d list a few roses and thorns from all that we’ve done over the past few months to help me summarize life as it has been.


I’d have to say, life with baby is so rewarding and fulfilling and love filled and changes daily and draining and exciting and fun and scary and inspiring all the same time. This little person has filled me with a love like I’ve never felt before. Her big gummy grin with her big fat cheeks just gets me. Have kids. They are worth it. You get to see life again from a new/fresh perspective which is so awesome when you get stuck in your own head doing things the way you’ve always done them.

My mom is an incredibly strong woman and I want to be like her when I grow up. She has been doing so great with her bladder cancer surgery #2 and chemotherapy. And, although she doesn’t feel well after rounds of “poison” she doesn’t complain.

Spending my first mother’s day with my mom.

Ctron is always a rose. And to top it off he is a rose who knows how to cook and the food he makes is way beyond anything I can ever dream of. I’ve made dinner maybe like a handful of times since baby arrived. Not sure what I’d do without Ctron.

Getting to spend the first half of baby’s life in so many different spots. 2 weeks in Palm Springs at 2 months of age, 3 weeks in Olympia at 3 months, 1 week in Colorado at 4.5 months then 2 more weeks in Palm Springs. She is an awesome travel buddy.

Friends getting engaged and having their nuptials at one of my very favorite places on earth.

Friends/family having babies.


Post partum hair loss. I had like five strands of hair before I had a baby and now I’m down to a Homer Simpson look. Plus, of the few I have that might be new/growing back they are coming in a beautiful gray. I don’t mind gray hair but I’m kind of not ready to be fully gray. I’m too young for that. And of course a good chunk is right in the front where I normally part my hair. So, I’ve started to part my hair on the other side as a cheap fix. It feels weird.

Trying to juggle work and baby. I don’t know how single mothers do it. I don’t know how working moms do it. I don’t know how moms without a Ctron do it…and our baby is easy! If anyone has any tips on ways to balance life, baby and work I’d love to hear. We have not yet gone the many/daycare route purely for financial reasons but we may have to give it a shot. I can’t quite get work done during the day but I also shouldn’t stay up until 1 or 2am every night.

Car died. That was stressful and expensive. But, we got a new/used bright red Volvo which is what you do when you start a family. And I wear mom jeans in my volvo (actually, the volvo is awesome so that is a good thing, not bad).


Still not sure where we should end up. I just can’t yet let go of the bay area but I also know that I’d love to raise baby in a different environment that encompasses a simpler life. This indecision makes our head spin but it is also exciting. I still want to go the live in an RV route but I know that isn’t practical.

I really have to incorporate a few more things in my day where I can be inspired or creative (beyond just looking at pinterest) so I think I need to take more photos of something other than a baby, paint or sew again (woot!) and blog! So, here is me saying I hope to blog more. (side note: I wrote this post like two weeks ago and am just adding to the blog so the “blogging more” is going to be slow but I AM going to do it! I need to for my soul).



greetings from california

We were just a wee bit slow in getting our holiday card out this year. We did have it ready before 2013 came around, we really did, but since we were living the simple life in the 55+ community in Palm Springs we were seriously retired folk. Think late afternoon swimming, solitaire with actual playing cards and a bedtime of like 8:30pm…it was divine! Crazy how we went from being new parents to full on retirement all within a couple months. But, as 2013 hit we decided it was time to come back to reality and get our holiday cards out, not to mention get back to work and such. Anyhow, I would say this card truly captures our current state in life: our days have been vibrant, simple and quite honestly very very pleasant. Life with our little gal is awesome and I’d like 17 more kids if they are all like her.

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