a bay area sabbatical


Soooooo, it has been kind of a long time since I’ve posted on the old blog. Yes, I’m still taking pictures. in fact, I’m sitting on a pile of amazing images and can’t wait to update the site with fresh stuff. But, the big news is my family and I decided to go on what we call a “bay area sabbatical.” The timing just seemed right to pack up our loft and put our lives in storage for awhile. We LOVE the bay area and had been living in paradise for 15 some years, but with a kid and school on the horizon and a dream to own a home (that is not ridiculously expensive) we decided to test out a few areas to see if we “belong” anywhere else. We are on a hunt to find a simpler life, if possible. And, more than anything we hope to be closer to family. Since December of 2014 we’ve been nomadic aka somewhat homeless but mostly bonafide moochers (ha!). With the encouragement of a lot of people I started another blog that documents the changing terrain of our adventure: www.slightlyadrift.com. So, yeah. That is where I’ve been. 

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