things as of late

In no particular order a few things that have happened as of late that have brought a good old pile of joy to my plate:

1.) While in a busy Berkeley Bowl grocery shopping trip a stranger and I agreed that we are all dancing around one another trying to make our way through the aisles. And then randomly as I tried to cross the aisle and she tried to cross the aisle we both danced by each other at the same time (literally danced). I guess I would classify my moves as contemporary dance. For the record, I am not a good dancer and kind of don’t like dancing in public but this moment was special.

2.) I treated myself to a big bunch of fresh lavender and have it placed next to me while I work. Getting a big whiff of lavender as the great bay area breeze passes through our loft makes me one happy woman.

3.) MaLou rocking her chemo treatments this go round.

4.) We had an old banana and some hot days which then turned into a little rash of fruit flies. I feel really accomplished because last night I made a fruit fly trap and today I see successful results! The little things, right?

5.) Baby child talking up a storm, giving the tightest unsolicited hugs at random, looking up to big cousins, watching a little boy through a tantrum using so many “No! No! No’s!” and then little F learning how to say the word no two seconds later, using the potty, making friends, playing with friends, wanting to read…I could go on and on. I just love this little person.

6.) Enjoying what we have while we have it.

Author: Ali Carras

At a very young age I lost site of my mom in a local grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. I did, however, have the smarts to go to the customer service counter. The kind woman at the counter asked "What is your name little girl?" My reply: "Assi." The woman gave me a look like, "Are you playing with me you little devil?" but she proceeded to blast on the loudspeaker the "We have a lost Assi at the front of the store." Customers throughout the store gagged and giggled, but my mom knew exactly who the woman was referring to: the mullet haired little girl with a tongue too big for her mouth, wearing a leotard, skirt, tights, and jelly shoes (with florescent green laces in them...even though they didn't need the laces). A shy little character for whom every little detail in life was a huge thing. I am pleased to report that today I am able to fully pronounce Allison (aka Ali), but the Assi pseudonym has always stuck, evolving into Aszi. As for the shy little character for whom every little detail in life was a huge thing? Some things never change. I have closed my comments due to mass amounts of spam that no filter could ever control. Feel free to contact me abeckord [at]!

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