Olympia, WA

aszichild35 aszichild26 aszichild31 aszichild34My first PNW family shoot and I GOT LUCKY! This family is so generous and the kids during the shoot were SO quick to accept me into their world. I have a lot to learn from this bunch…how to build your own home, how to live a minimalist life, new perspectives on parenting, etc. Good eggs.

Before the Curls were Cut | San Francisco, CA

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I don’t play favorites but occasionally I’ll have a shoot that just inspires me. Thiiiiiiiiis was one of those families. They had such a fun light filled and thoughtfully designed home, their kiddos were allowed to just do their thing and be themselves, and their outfits (or lack there of) were so insanely cute! And, to top it off we ended the session with ice cream which = chocolate mustaches. Thanks, guys. I genuinely had a grand time.

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