Pattern Play | Oakland, CA

Mixed print goals. The mama of this family has an insanely amazing ability to put together varying patterns and prints so that they work in a way that goes way beyond anything I could ever dream up. I mean for real, she has a knack for this stuff and she isn’t afraid of color. Oh, and um, I must not forget to mention she also has a baby with the sweetest cheeks.

Cesar Chavez Park | Berkeley, CA

Ever have a moment where you feel like you are transported to a favorite little spot in Europe and you are surrounded by sweet little European kids and you think to yourself “Man, how do I institute a little of this style and design into my own life back in the states?!?” And then you wake up and realize you are in Berkeley but the scene hasn’t changed? Yeah, that family did that to me. They are seriously uber cool.

Seeing Blue | Emeryville, CA

Oh my gosh, it is such a treat to reconnect with old friends. We used to meet up with these guys nearly every day at the local tot park and share snacks and draw with chalk. And in sharing snacks what I really mean is that the tots would drop food all over the ground and then they’d scavenge like pigeons for the fallen food. Good for their immunity, right? So far they’ve survived.

Modern Living | Menlo Park, CA

Lordy lordy lordy. The minute I set foot in this family’s newly renovated home I started plotting how I could “accidentally” lock myself in their bathroom or garage or something. Everything about their home is 100%, hands down, no question about it EXACTLY what my dream home would look like. All the way down to the wide plank flooring, dark exterior paint, open concept kitchen, even the dog. I mean everything. And when you have super cute, smart and talented kids to photograph in a space like this…like really? Yeah. Heaven.

Coot Lake | Boulder, CO

Funny, when we were plotting where to do this shoot the mom said “I dunno if my kids will be entertained long enough by being out in nature.” Well, they were awesome. (granted we had to get some donut sugar flowing into our systems first). We blew bubbles, played hide and seek and pretty much just ran around in the trees. Yup, they did mighty fine in that great thing called mother nature.

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