A Magical Place Called Ziji Early Elementary

Once upon a time, actually once upon today, there is a magical place in the beautiful plains of Boulder Colorado called Ziji Early Elementary. At Ziji the kids are free to play, discover, explore and witness…they are encouraged and supported by some of the most loving teachers and parents I’ve ever seen…and the space around them is INCREDIBLE! Imagine a beautiful home converted into a school where every corner sparks creativity and imagination…building blocks galore, art stations that make me want to PAINT!, a library full of books and comfy couches, a yard with so much room to run and neighbors who are horses. I was fortunate to get to spend a day at Ziji capturing some of the little details of the school and let me just say the following images don’t even scratch the surface. This place is seriously magical. I want to have a kid just so he/she could start his/her schooling in a place like this!

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