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First born and I have been painting up a storm lately. It is in her soul and totally in mine too (forever and always will be!) but who has the time?!?! It has been such a bonding moment to paint together in the afternoons while her bro sleeps. I will say, however, that her art comes so effortlessly and natural. I have to summon that out of me some way, some how!

Family photo sessions 2018…and a surprise guest appearance!

(photo by Cooper Carras)


I’m dropping a pot of gold on your laps folks. The smart ones will jump on this opportunity faster than a peregrine falcon can chase Gee Atherton. Yeah, you heard me right.

Family photo season is coming in hot but alas…I am not going to participate this year. Don’t fret! The one…….the only…….Cooper Carras is going to be heading to the San Francisco/Bay Area September 27th to October 1st and he is ready to get his family photo game ON!

A few random facts about Cooper in no particular order:

*He has had fry bread only once in his life
*He grew up in the PNW deeply covered in mud at all times
*He has photographed President Obama on more than one occasion
*His middle name is Hans
*His cooking skills are as solid as his photography skills
*I first met him in college on a Halloween night. I was dressed as a cat, he was dressed as Cooper
*He is a really dapper, clever, creative and kind man
*He is so so so so so so so so so so good with kids.
*He is a better mom than I’ll ever be

Shoots are $425 for 45 minutes. You’ll get the digital files of the final edited images. Times and locations to be determined between you and Cooper in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Book your spot here:

Hurry party people…there is only so much of Cooper to go around.

for real, it is time to think about this stuff again

Family photo season! Whether it creates a slap to the forehead, makes you do a little jig in major excitement or cause you to scream like a banshee just know that it makes me do all three at once! Now that takes some talent.

Available dates and locations:

  • San Francisco/Bay Area: October 13-17
  • Denver/Boulder: October 28-31
  • Palm Springs/SoCal: November 21-Dec 1
  • Seattle/Portland/Olympia (i.e. PNW): all the dates before, after and in between the above mentioned.

Photo shoot options:

-Mini sessions: 20-ish minutes, outside, 5-10 final downloadable images. Little flexibility or variety but quick and easy.

-Full family sessions: 1.5-2 hours, in your home and/or outside at a spot that means something to you. 25-40 final images. Full family sessions are a bit more candid, flexible and offer a lot of variety. If your kid needs a break, a snack or time to warm up to me we have the flexibility to give it to him/her. If anyone needs/wants a wardrobe change time allows.

I’ll let you do your thing so things are as natural as we can make it…and we’ll also do some more formal shots. Natural light only and the final images would be a mix of color/black and white. The full sessions I like because they tell more of a story about your life at that time vs crafting a couple nice images in the mini session.

What makes for a good photo? Sharp apparel or lots of mud (depending on the direction of the shoot), awesome lighting, letting your kids be kids, a clutter free space (unless it is mud), stiff drink/s and more than anything else…rolling with whatever comes our way.

If interested shoot me an email at ali [@] with your preferred dates, times and location and we’ll go from there.

Pattern Play | Oakland, CA

Mixed print goals. The mama of this family has an insanely amazing ability to put together varying patterns and prints so that they work in a way that goes way beyond anything I could ever dream up. I mean for real, she has a knack for this stuff and she isn’t afraid of color. Oh, and um, I must not forget to mention she also has a baby with the sweetest cheeks.

Cesar Chavez Park | Berkeley, CA

Ever have a moment where you feel like you are transported to a favorite little spot in Europe and you are surrounded by sweet little European kids and you think to yourself “Man, how do I institute a little of this style and design into my own life back in the states?!?” And then you wake up and realize you are in Berkeley but the scene hasn’t changed? Yeah, that family did that to me. They are seriously uber cool.

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