And have you met Mr. Penguin on a Chair? Well, buy a print of him on Etsy for the holidays!

And have you met Mr. Penguin on a Chair? He is Scuba Dude‘s sage tax advisor. I think Mr. Penguin needs some glasses and a tie to really fit the part.

And! Exciting announcement! If you are in love with Scuba Dude and Mr. Penguin as much as I am you can purchase a limited edition (unframed) print on Etsy! I know, you are thinking “Ali, this is super delayed timing especially for someone who works in a retail world.” Well, I’m moving as fast as I can with all that I’m trying to do. So, small steps. But, I’d say Scuba Dude makes for one stellar gift for the holidays. Ohhhhhhh yeah.

Go get a Scuba Dude! The AsziChild Etsy shop:

woot woot! AsziChild Photography is UP!

Yeee haaaw! This has been a long time coming but I’m finally ready to say AsziChild Photography is alive! I’d love to have everyone in the world over for a launch party, I just need to mop my floors first.

The picture below is what my face looks like right now (but imagine it with gray hairs, wrinkles, fairer skin, no dimples, lots of freckles…so pretty much not like this but I do have a MASSIVE smile on my face).

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