jupiter and mars

Yes’m I’m in love with this little girl and her creative, warm and very welcoming family. I am so in love that I could have easily made this a 25872938753897 image post but I tried to restrain myself. Actually, as I write this I feel the draw to share more because their little girl and their home were just so inspiring. Reason #902385092385 why I love living in the bay area: such awesome and modern San Fran families!

Thanks, DwellStudio!

The folks at DwellStudio were kind enough to feature the previously posted family session involving their gate azure pillows and papier-mâché animal heads. I love working with moms like Jeanne Moeschler…her modern interior design eye makes kid photo shoots that much more photogenic (even though her kids were already overly cute!). I’m a major modern design fan myself so her home + cute kids = MAJOR WIN! If you need guidance with interior design for your home let me know…I’d love to put you in touch with Jeanne. And of course, THANKS DwellStudio!

woot woot! AsziChild Photography is UP!

Yeee haaaw! This has been a long time coming but I’m finally ready to say AsziChild Photography is alive! I’d love to have everyone in the world over for a launch party, I just need to mop my floors first.

The picture below is what my face looks like right now (but imagine it with gray hairs, wrinkles, fairer skin, no dimples, lots of freckles…so pretty much not like this but I do have a MASSIVE smile on my face).

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