a very merry holiday from the PNW

We’ve had a very merry holiday here in the pacific northwest. A looksee/photo log of the happenings via my trusty iphone:

One of my VERY favorite things to do in the world is to go on long long walks. Walking is my form of meditation. C-tron’s mom’s house is on a great road with a good long loop and lots of trails to get lost on. This photo is from that long loop (which I could loop around 293759283752 times if I had nothing to do):

As most people do this time of year we ate A LOT. From Spanish hot chocolate to spring rolls to persimmon pudding to homemade maple fudge to larb gai to shepherds pie to millionaires bars to pepperkaker to two pumpkin pies to pot roast…we ate a bit. For Xmas gifts C-tron’s mom and I made persimmon freezer jam. I am learning to venture more into the world of persimmons but I would say this freezer jam is fantabulous (I can post a recipe if you are curious about the jam):

At the stroke of midnight on Christmas day we lit the Christmas tree. And what I love about C-tron’s mom’s traditions is she puts actual candles on her tree! So lighting is not just plugging it into the outlet…I’m talking potential burning down the house process. After the tree was lit we all sipped Bailey’s and watched the tree. Such an awesome ceremony….100% a tradition I’d like to try to keep up. (this photo is taken during the day but you can see the candles).

Christmas day we made homemade crumpets! Who knew they were not too hard to make?!?! Actually, I just ate them so maybe that is why they were so easy to make.

It was a bit rainy (go figure PNW!) so we worked on a cheese puzzle:

And I loved skyping with my family. Especially when it turned into long sessions where I ended up in crying laughter:

Happy holidays to one and all and cheers to a stellar 2012!

Thanks, DwellStudio!

The folks at DwellStudio were kind enough to feature the previously posted family session involving their gate azure pillows and papier-mâché animal heads. I love working with moms like Jeanne Moeschler…her modern interior design eye makes kid photo shoots that much more photogenic (even though her kids were already overly cute!). I’m a major modern design fan myself so her home + cute kids = MAJOR WIN! If you need guidance with interior design for your home let me know…I’d love to put you in touch with Jeanne. And of course, THANKS DwellStudio!

thank you to our neighbors

We’ve yet to do our own big Christmas where we chop down a tree and decorate like a modern Martha and make the homemade eggnog and sing Christmas carols to each other all while wearing tacky sweaters and such but we are starting to slowly get there. This year we put up a simple string of lights along our photo wall….AND….thanks to our great neighbors and their discarded holiday items donated as giveaways in the hall we have a small fake tree with ornaments! It is like a new day in our home, full of a teensy bit of Christmas spirit.

Oh, and see if you can spot me in the photo of our tree (spoiler, I have the answer in the second image).


Wait for it, wait for it…..


Happy holidays and please eat lots of cookies.


a pancake party, gardening and yoga!

I got really lucky. I was fortunate to photograph an amazing family with wonderful kids in an impeccable modern Eichler home with lots of ammmmmmazing light. We had a pancake breakfast together, ate some KitKats, picked carrots, did a bit of gardening and practiced our yoga moves! (well, they did all that stuff…I just photographed it and ate pancakes).

And have you met Mr. Penguin on a Chair? Well, buy a print of him on Etsy for the holidays!

And have you met Mr. Penguin on a Chair? He is Scuba Dude‘s sage tax advisor. I think Mr. Penguin needs some glasses and a tie to really fit the part.

And! Exciting announcement! If you are in love with Scuba Dude and Mr. Penguin as much as I am you can purchase a limited edition (unframed) print on Etsy! I know, you are thinking “Ali, this is super delayed timing especially for someone who works in a retail world.” Well, I’m moving as fast as I can with all that I’m trying to do. So, small steps. But, I’d say Scuba Dude makes for one stellar gift for the holidays. Ohhhhhhh yeah.

Go get a Scuba Dude! The AsziChild Etsy shop:

“the least flattering photo of me yet”

C-tron did a little editorial fashion shoot in our loft this weekend. Here is a photo from my iphone:

The shoot involved wigs and I got a little excited about that. So excited that when there was a moments break I threw one on:

Unfortunately I put it on backwards and wasn’t wearing any makeup and of course Cooper took a photo. Shortly after he declared “I think this is the least flattering photo of you yet.” Oh man. So sorry sir. Luckily he already married me but hopefully he can remember that at very select times I can look like just a little more presentable. I know this posting isn’t going to help get me jobs but I just think it is so funny and since life is too short to be serious all the time I feel like it is ok to laugh at yourself once in awhile. Plus, I have no shame. Oh, and if they ever made a Little Miss Sunshine II I could play the brother!

Extra special side note: the wigs from the shoot inspired me so much that today Ctron and I spent part of our day driving in the ghetto parts of Oakland looking at several wig shops. Yes, we really did that.

introducing scuba dude!

Introducing SCUBA DUDE!

I found this little duder at an art recycle depot and instantly fell MAJORLY in love. Dirt and all. I think his perfect little old school face is just divine. On this 11th day of the 11th month of the 2011th year I do declare Scuba Dude to be the mascot for AsziChild Photography. Isn’t he just so handsome?!?

I love you Scuba Dude.

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